Yessss! A notification appears on your screen: "Hi! I found your hockeystick!". Until yesterday you didn't even know you lost your hockeystick and today you already got a message that it’s found in the clubhouse of a fieldhockey club. The message tells you that your hockeystick has been found. The finder says he can drop it off at your hockeyclub when he drives by before going to work. You will have it back in no time! What a great feeling it is to get it back and it saves a lot of hassle. No endless searching and calling teammates. It saves a lot of money too now that you don’t have to buy a new one!


Now that you have your hockeystick back you obviously want to thank the finder. But what to give an anonymous finder?


A thank you is often enough

Although you might be so excited you would be willing to buy this person an expensive gift, often a friendly “thank you” will do. The finder enjoys making you happy by returning it to you.


Give an NoLongerLost tag in return!

Now that the finder knows how nice it is to return an item to its owner, you could make the finder happy with an NoLongerLost tag! Ask the finder what kind of tag he or she would like and contact NoLongerLost to send the tag anonymously or get a coupon code for the finder, to buy it later.


Gift card

A useful gift that allows the finder to choose which (web) shop they would like to receive the giftcard from. It's nice that for this option you only need an e-mail address. All other data remains anonymous.



The secrid is a great gift for everyone. Because of the different designs both men and women can use this item. The patented mechanism of these wallets allows easy and quick access to your cards. The aluminum Cardprotector protects your cards from bending, breaking and unwanted RFID and NFC communication. So you have your ov-chipcard, bankcards and health insurance card conveniently and safely together.


Ask the finder

The last option is to ask the finder themselves what they would like to get as a thank you. You can suggest the options above. It may be that the finder thinks the thank you is enough and doesn’t want anything in return, or just wants to stay anonymous. At NoLongerLost, privacy is very important. For this reason we recommend to always respect the preferences of the finder.