As many as 50,000 items were found in trains or stations left there in 2022. Varying from phones to complete mini motors. That was about 10,000 more than a year earlier.

"Every year you think, we have reached the peak now, but yet we are less attentive to our belongings it seems," says Elvira van der Vis of NS. ,,And it's often also about items you think you should be careful with. Like keys, which are the most frequently offered to our Central Lost and Found Office. Suitcases and bags, jackets, wallets and earpods/headphones left on trains or platforms complete the top five."

Like every year, remarkable objects were left behind in train compartments in 2022. ,,Like a mini-motorbike. Surely not something you can easily forget you would say," Van der Vis believes. ,,But the same goes for a large dog crate, a rug and a large loudspeaker that were found. In 2021, special items were an electric lawnmower and a television set."

If a traveller loses something, they can make a report of it online. "Our staff are most likely to be able to link the report to a found item in the first five days," he said. Within five days, lost items can be collected free of charge from the OV Service & Tickets shop at the station. After that, it goes to the Central Lost Property Office. From here, NS - for a fee - sends the item by post.

Among this year's found items are over 130 cuddly toys. Under the hashtag #weekvandlorenknuffel, NS posted pictures of Bubbel the Rubber Duck, Molly the Monster, Harry the Hamster, Arie the Monkey and Timo the Toucan, among others, via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. "We hope we will be able to reunite the cuddles with their owners before the holidays."

We at NoLongerLost can not make you remember to take your stuff from the train but we can make your life a lot easier for those times you forget! When a commuter loses an item he can report it online, but describing your earpods ror your set of keys can be a long shot to say the least. When you use a NoLongerLost tag or a NoLongerLost sticker you can register your belongings online via a simple unique QR code which is on, let's say the smart keychain, to enable finders to get in touch quickly and easily in touch with you without any effort.

Our claim of bring back happiness is for a good reason. We facilitate kindness and honesty by continously developing our people platform for finders and owners to easily connect.  


Source Telegraaf