Make sure your files are stored safely!

As a student, you often have a tremendous amound of important documents, online books and screenshots. Keep all your important files safe! Use cloud services like Google docs, Onedrive or Dropbox to ensure that all your photos, videos and important documents are stored online so that if your computer breaks, you don't lose all your files. If you do lose your files, the Disk Drill program can make sure that your files that have been accidentally deleted can be retrieved. Although the program doesn't guarantee that it can find everything, we have had positive experiences with Disk Drill several times.


The best translation app

Do you also have so much trouble with those long-winded, complicated English articles? Or do you have a subject in English that you ran into? Many students use the obvious translation program: Google Translate. Do you use it also? Then we have a great tip for you: Deep L. DeepL can be downloaded as an app for your laptop and ensure lightning-fast and very good translations. Writing an English report now is a snap!



Go on the road with peace of mind with an NoLongerLost tag. You can easily stick it on your laptop or phone or you can connect the keychain to your key ring. If you leave your things somewhere, the finder can quickly contact you via the QR code. And that is not only useful for the chaotic student who sometimes leaves something to be desired during a day in the University Library. NoLongerLost can also provide more confidence while traveling for organized students who travel by train every day. Imagine your day doesn't go as planned, you forget your coffee, you forget your lunch and your phone falls out of your jacket. We've all experienced such days. NoLongerLost increases the chance that you will end you day in a positive way with a message: 'hey, I found your phone!'.



Surfspot is the place for students to purchase important software at a discount. For example, you get a discount on Adobe packages with programs such as Indesign, Photoshop and Lightroom. For students who are more interested in research and analysis, the SPSS program is also available, for example.


Laptop stand

This gadget is a must have if your study requires sitting in front of your laptop a lot. Good posture is very important if you have to work for hours in front of a laptop. With a universal stand you can put your laptop at the right height, to ensure a better working posture and fewer complaints. This way you can still finish your homework under good conditions, no more excuses! ;)