We're thrilled to announce our collaboration with Orderchamp

A leading B2B marketplace for independent retailers. As the brand NoLongerLost, we specialise in practical and stylish travel accessories. Our products include luggage labels, keychains, stickers, and wristbands, all featuring QR codes that help you find lost items or loved ones.

Orderchamp makes it easy for retailers to discover and purchase our products. With just a few clicks, retailers can browse our range of best-selling items and place orders. Additionally, we offer custom displays to showcase our products in stores, making it convenient for retailers to attract customers' attention.

Our products are designed with high-quality materials and feature eye-catching designs. The QR codes on our accessories provide a unique solution for locating lost items or ensuring the safety of loved ones. Customers can scan the codes using their smartphones, which will direct them to a secure online platform with relevant information. This collaboration with Orderchamp opens up new opportunities for us to reach a wider audience and expand our brand presence. We're confident that our partnership will bring success and growth to our business. 


If you're a retailer interested in our innovative accessories, visit Orderchamp today and explore our offerings. With NoLongerLost, you can provide your customers with practical solutions for keeping track of their belongings and staying connected with their loved ones.