Like many other people, I use public transportation. I have to travel for approximately 45 minutes. Normally I watch Netflix or Youtube and sometimes I read a book. I see people coming into the tram and getting out again, on their way to work, to go shopping, visit family or any other reason. Some people are in a rush, others take it easy, like in life everyone does their own thing.  Sometimes I can get lost in a movie. My mind is so transfixed that I don't even notice the environment around me.


I bet you have experienced the following moment too more than once; I look up to check where I am and suddenly I recognize the buildings, this is my stop! I rush to get my things. Don’t forget to check out! Okay cool, I made it outside. I’m walking towards my bike and I’m reaching for my key. No no no! I must have dropped the keys somewhere! Now I am really panicking. All of a sudden I hear my phone making some noise, turns out I have got mail. Someone found my keys and scanned the NoLongerLost tag. A sigh of relief escapes my mouth! I knew one day this was going to come in very handy!! 


I agree on a place to meet up with the person who found my keys. “Thank you so much’ I say. “Thanks for your trouble”.


"No sweat lady, I mean everyone would have done this! This smart thing on your keyring is very handy and cost me no effort at all! Very glad I could get in touch with you right away because of it” replied the guy.


"Maybe next time I should pay a little more attention," I told the guy. “Well he laughed, that is why you have the tag of course!”