It was a hectic travel season last summer. It does not look like this will change anytime soon. Herons can already reckon with delays, cancellations and disruptions on a grand scale. There are several ways to get through the chaos a little easier. We would like to tell you the tip and tricks of this. Below are some of the best things you can do to minimize the chances of losing luggage. Some tips are as well known and proven. However, some tips use newer technology and some are very simple but often overlooked. 

Luggage basics

Stand out! Travel with an eye-catching suitcase. Many suitcases these days have standard colors, making them hard to distinguish. Hang something eye-catching on this. Thinking of a tag, tape or ribbon. Do something to make sure your luggage won't be mistaken for another traveler's.

Label your bag with NoLongerLost. Be sure to attach luggage tags to checked bags and avoid the paper tags that airlines provide. Unfortunately, there are gangs running around airports who take advantage of this by taking a picture of the old-fashioned baggage tag. They then know that you are on vacation, so the house is unoccupied.

The NoLongerLost luggage tags come with a unique QR code. This can link the traveler to their account and luggage within 30 seconds. When someone finds your suitcase in the future, all they have to do is scan the QR code with their mobile camera. Then the honest finder and the owner of the suitcase end up in an anonymous chat.


Leveling Up Your Luggage

In addition to a luggage tag, it is also interesting to add a NoLongerLost luggage sticker to your suitcase. This is similar to the NoLongerLost luggage tag. A sticker on the side of your suitcase provides more visibility and conspicuousness, allowing you to distinguish your suitcase from others. In addition, everything is anonymous and very user-friendly for the honest finder.

Put a lock on your suitcase from TSA! Lost luggage with a lock deters much more. Handling parties at airports may well be able to open your TSA lock. That way you know that only people with authority can look inside your suitcase in case of loss.

Simple But Overlooked

Not all tips have to be big or complicated. Here are a few tips that might go unnoticed.

Check your suitcase well in advance. If security at the airports flows well, you'll be at the plane in no time. You'll even get there before your own luggage. Always take plenty of time when traveling.

Buy quality luggage tags. Many baggage tags do not make it to the end of the flight. These can get damaged or break off. In addition, remove any old stickers (they are put on at check-in. You can recognize them by the bar code). The last thing you want is for your bag to be sent to your previous vacation destination without you.