An easy gift that really benefits the birthday boy or girl!


NoLongerLost tags, labels, or stickers can make a practical and thoughtful gift for someone who frequently loses items or travels frequently. These tags provide a way for anyone who finds a lost item to quickly and easily get in touch with the owner to return it, which can be a great peace of mind for the recipient.

Some ideas for how NoLongerLost tags could be given as a gift include:

  1. As a stocking stuffer or small gift for a frequent traveler.

  2. As a gift for a student or young adult who may be prone to losing items.

  3. As a gift for someone who has recently experienced the loss of a valuable item and could benefit from the added security of a lost and found service.

A gift from NoLongerLost can be considered more convenient than a traditional gift such as flowers, a card, or a cookbook because it provides a practical solution for lost and found items. The QR code labels provided by NoLongerLost can be placed on items such as keys, luggage, and phone cases, and when scanned, they reveal the owner's contact information. This allows for a lost item to be easily returned to its rightful owner, reducing the inconvenience of losing an item.

Furthermore, it's also a digital solution, which means it's easy to purchase and customize online, and it doesn't require physical handling and delivery as traditional gifts do. It's also easy to use and accessible, as anyone with a smartphone can scan the QR code, making it more convenient for the person who loses the item and the person who finds it.

Finally, the QR code label can be customized to include a specific message or design, which makes it a more personalized and unique gift and allows the person who receives it to have a fun and interactive experience.

Overall, NoLongerLost tags can be a useful and appreciated gift for anyone who values the security and peace of mind that comes with knowing their lost items have a better chance of being returned.